The Path to Publication Step Two: Making a Writing Plan

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk about making a writing plan.

Note: This is not for everyone, but for those of you who are super organized and like to have things planned out, I highly recommend this.

What is a writing plan? Well, basically a writing plan is a plot out of all the steps to writing your novel and getting it published. It can be as specific or as vague as you want it to be, and you can change it over time. The writing plan isn’t a strict timeline that you have to follow or suffer the consequences, it’s only a rough estimation of the time it will take to complete the steps to writing and publishing your novel.

The first thing you do is brainstorm the list of steps you want to take. Below is a list of the steps I use (I will cover all these steps in The Path to Publication.):



*Write first draft

*Put novel aside for at least six weeks

*Read through manuscript

*Make structure changes

*Do a general edit

*Edit grammar and other specific stuff

*Give to a beta reader

*Edit accordingly

*Send to a professional editor

*Re-read and edit as many times as necessary

*Write a query

*Edit query as many times as necessary

*Re-read both novel and query one last time

*Send to agents

Pick and choose what steps you want to use, and add more if you want. Next, add the goal times you want to finish your project. Here is an example of a step in my writing timeline: September 1- September 30: Read through the manuscript and edit. Give yourself more time than you think you’ll need, because life always happens and throws unexpected distractions your way.

After that, set a minimum for how many scenes you want to outline a day for your outline, and how many words you want to write a day for your first draft. I’ll talk more about choosing how many words to write a day as you get closer to writing your first draft.

Compile all your information into one big list, or chart if you are so inclined, and you’ll be set!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact me. And if you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.


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