The Path to Publication Step Five: Outlining

Congratulations! You’ve made it all the way in your journey to outlining! Some of you out there might consider yourselves pantsers, (none outliners), and that’s okay. I suggest that you at least pre-outline before you jump into your story, so you can at least have an idea of where your story is going.
One thing I want you to remember as you outline is that you don’t have to stick to it when you start writing. Maybe you find a more interesting path to take and that is fine. But never, ever throw away your outline, because maybe that shiny path turns out to be a dead-end. If you find a new path, you may want to outline it again.
There’s no real set in stone way to outline. All I’m telling you now is how I outline.
My outline is very simple and straightforward. I just outline scene by scene. My outline goes a little something like this (This isn’t an actual book I’m writing.):
1. Julia walks to the store with her friend Kaitlin. They encounter Jessa, a bully. Jessa gives Kaitlin a black eye because Kaitlin got the lead role instead of herself.
Okay, I admit, a bad example, but you get the point. Your outline can be as detailed or as condensed as you want.
One thing that really helps me when I’m outlining is to estimate how many words each scene will be, so that when I’m done outlining, I can add them all up and have a rough estimate of how long my novel will be.
That’s all for today, thanks for reading, and be sure to check back Wednesday where I’ll be talking about a very important writing goal I just achieved.


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