New Blog Schedule

So naturally, since I’m merging my blogs, I need a different schedule. Here’s what it’ll look like:

Monday: A writing post
Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesdays
Wednesday: Katie’s turn
Thursday: Book Review
Friday: Random

And here’s what this next week will look like:

Monday: An Intro to Historical Fiction
Tuesday: Top Ten 2015 Goals/Resolutions
Wednesday: What We Can Learn: People
Thursday: Book Review: The Book Thief (Oh my gosh! This book is AMAZING!)
Friday: Self Published Book Review: The Search for Bi Delan

So yeah, that’s what’s coming up. I hope you all are as excited as I am! Please comment below about what other posts you would like to see on this blog.
Oh, and in other news, I just signed up for Bloglovin. Here’s the link:


2 thoughts on “New Blog Schedule

  1. I AM EXCITED FOR THE BOOK THIEF REVIEW. I love that book. I love it so much I totally could not review it properly. I just afdjsklafd all over the place. ^_^
    Good for you for having a schedule! I kind of wish I had a sturdier schedule, but then, eh. Sometimes I don’t get inspired to write posts, so I prefer just to throw up whatever random drafts I have waiting. *sigh* I need more organisation! SO GO YOU!

  2. I LOVE THE BOOK THIEF SO MUCH TOO! It’s one of my favorite books. I probably didn’t review it properly either. It’s more of a Read This Now review and a Why I Love This Book So Much. But those are good too.
    Thanks! Sometimes I deviate from the schedule a little bit, but it’s nice to have a scheduled goal for me to work towards.

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