Intro To Historical Fiction

I am writing a new historical fiction novel! Well, I’m researching while I finish up my NaNoNovel, so things around here might be a little more historical fiction centric. But don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of other posts about other topics. Today is mostly an overview of what historical fiction is, and I’ll explain it in simple, easy to understand points. (Sarcasm may or may not be included.)
Okay. So what makes historical fiction?
1. It takes place in our world’s history.
Okay, so that one’s kind of a given. Historical fiction can start way back at ancient Egypt, or even take place in the 1990s.
2. It can include real historical characters like, say Hitler.

When you add historical characters, it adds a layer of believability to the story, and maybe even shows a new side to that character.
3. Or it’s all completely fictional characters going about their marry way in the world.
Those are usually either mysteries or romances, but can just be characters struggling to survive against any backdrop you give them.
If you want to change events in history, I believe that is called speculative fiction. (I want to try that sometime.)
That’s all for today, come back tomorrow for my Top Ten Resolutions/Goals for 2015. Also, I’m wondering: What do you think about historical fiction? How much historical fiction do you read?


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