A Huge Announcment

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Drum roll please! I’m merging my two sites, http://www.lovingthewrittenword.wordpress.comĀ  and http://www.walkingthewrittenpath.wordpress.com, but still just calling it Walking the Written Path and keeping this address! Exciting! So obviously stuff is gonna change, I’m probably going to do a few memes, and I’m going to start using GIFs! *cues the applause* Yes, I’m just starting. Oh, if anybody has any advice on where to find good GIFs, I would really appreciate it. Katie will still just be doing her Wednesday post, but she might do things other than just writing, it’s up to her. And I’ll be doing writing stuff, book reviews, and random bookish stuff! I’m really excited. So yeah. I’ll be posting a feedback form thing for what you think my new(ish) site should be like tomorrow. For now I’m changing the theme, but I’ll have you all vote on that too. So that’s it for now, come back tomorrow for my feedback form and new blog schedule, and please let me know if and tell me where I can get good GIFs. Elizabeth